May 22, 2015
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By Mike Calimbas

Next up on our Legacy Amateur Series Dallas interview series is Aaron Culpepper, a self-described unpredictable fighter who’s been fighting his entire life. Training out of Team Takedown, Aaron says he’s trained with the best grapplers around en route to his fight with Joe Selvig this Friday at the House of Blues.

Thanks for taking the interview prior to your fight Aaron. How are you feeling heading into this your fight this Friday?

I’m feeling good heading into the fight. I’m healthy, training daily, and in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I took this fight really seriously and I’m ready to get in there!

Can you give us a little bit of insight on your training? What’s it like training at the Gym?

My team is great. I’m training at the gym there is by far. Because of Team Takedown, wrestlers from everyone have started showing up all the time so I always have access to great training partners.

Why do you enjoy fighting and how would you describe your style as a fighter?

I’ve been fighting my whole life. It’s just something that’s always found me. I never picked on people weaker than me but I always picked on the bullies. As far as my style, well unpredictability is my style. I’m crazy out there and there is nothing I won’t do if the timing is right.

What’s life like for you when you’re not training?

I’m not really a party animal or anything. I’m 28 years old now so all that stuff is past me at this point. I just love to train every day and I love every aspect of fighting.

How does it feel to be fighting for Legacy again?

I’ve fought for Legacy twice now and I think it’s a great promotion to fight for. I’m going to finish my amateur career here for sure. Collin and Mick are really great guys to give me another shot to fight for them. I promise you guys I will put on a show.

I see you’re matched up against Joe Selvig. What do you know about your opponent?

Yeah, I’m fighting Joseph Selvig. He’s got like 10 fights. I think anyone with 10 fights has been tested and tried and for that I respect him very much. Either way it’s nice to finally know who I’m fighting. There were a few names being thrown around but I was so ready to fight anybody anyways. I would have absolutely fought anybody there put in front of me. I’m ready.

How do you see this fight going in your mind? Any predictions?

In my mind I think it’s going to be a stand up fight but you just never know. I’ve learned that in MMA anything can happen. You have to be ready everywhere. Mike Tyson said it best, “Everybody has a plan until they get hit,” so I plan on letting my hands go!!!!

If you had to give some lasts words for your opponent, what would you say to him prior to you guys hitting the cage?

I’m not a trash talker so I would just say good luck, let’s leave it in the cage, and let’s go have some fun.

Any other last thoughts or anybody you want to say thank you to before Friday night?

I want to thank my boxing coach Oscar and my other coaches Casey and Brandon Crick. Also, I’d definitely like to thank Legacy promotions. It’s like what T.O. said when he got signed to Dallas now… “Y’all bring your popcorn because it’s about to be a show!”

Click here to purchase tickets for the August 12th Legacy Amateur Series event directly from the House of Blues.