May 5, 2015
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Cody Williams’ Blog


So here we are, roughly a month out from the fight, and I just returned from watching Ben Askren defend his title in Windsor, Canada. It was a great trip with some really good people, but now it’s time to tighten down the bolts and really get at this last leg of the camp. This week has been cardio heavy.  Every inch of every mile run and every second of every minute jump roped has had some type of breathing restrictor involved. It’s been nice to have an arsenal of training tools and partners to really make this camp a challenge for me. Each workout is taking me out of my comfort zone and making me push the envelope to new heights. Also, the law firm is allowing me two-hour lunch breaks to work out or train, whichever is up that day.

Monday was a heavy leg day. Cardio at lunch with a mask on, then after work was a heavy leg day in the weight room, followed up by some stand up drills and mitt work at American Top Team. Made my way home that night about 10 pm to relax in a salt water hot tub, and try to give my body some relief.

Tuesday was a mix of mostly cardio and some really heavy back workouts. Lunch was just jump roping in intervals, while mixing in some sprint/jog minutes on the treadmill/incline. A lot of pull exercises for the back and lats in the evening, and of course, more treadmill with a mask on  Yet another day ending around 10 pm, concluding with a compression ice wrap machine that pumps water through the wrap while staying compressed. Really one of my better finds on an auction site.

On Wednesday, the soreness from the previous two days really set in. Taking in my normal amounts of water was increased, and I limited my workout to one hour of jiu-jitsu and one hour of Muay Thai, mixed with body-hardening drills which really take a toll on the body. This was from 6-8 pm as Wednesday is our early workout day. Another hot tub night.

Tonight, I will have the pleasure of joining the rest of American Top Team at a seminar held by Ben Askren at West Brook High School. This should provide my body some relief and line up a great workout for Friday, and I’ll be competing in a grappling tournament Saturday. Looking forward to a busy weekend and the weeks to follow.