February 17, 2018
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damacio-pageThere are two parts to a cool fighter nickname. One is the name itself. The other half is a fighter that lives up to it. But when the two come together, a nickname can become more of a calling card. Such is the “Angel of Death“, Damacio Page. The former WEC and UFC veteran is preparing to fight for the Legacy Flyweight Title on Friday October 17 from Albuquerque, NM which will be broadcast live on AXS TV. Page graciously accepted an interview to speak about his upcoming title shot.

Legacy: Thank you for taking the time for an interview Damacio. Let’s jump right into fighting. How is training camp going?

Page: Thank you. Training camp is going well, and I feel good. I am a little older now, so I am training smart. There are good days and there are bad days, but all in all I feel great. I have made some lifestyle changes, and they are paying off. I am right on weight and prepared for this fight.

Legacy: You are fighting Brian Hall for the Legacy Featherweight Title. What are your thoughts on the fight, and fighting for the Legacy belt?

Page: I feel very good about the fight. Brian Hall was a change from my original opponent, but I am ready. I am excited to get in there and fight.

Legacy: What do you know about your opponent and what do you expect from him?

Page: He is a very tough fighter, and a good opponent. He has heavy hands, is explosive and is good all around. I expect a great fight from him, and I am training for a 5-round war.

Legacy: You have been in the game for some time, and fought in the top organizations. Outside of winning the Legacy title, what goals do you have left in the sport?

Page: I really want to get back into the UFC and end my career on top. I feel like right now, I am one of the top ten 125 pounders in the world. I want to win this fight and go back to the UFC, and end this on a high note.

Legacy: Thus far you have looked great at 125 after competing heavier for most of your career. Your last fight was supposed to be a title fight, until Henry Cejudo pulled out and Elias Garcia stepped in. You hit several big takedowns in that fight and showed great wrestling. How did you feel about that fight?

Page: I felt great. I feel good at 125, and can compete with anyone. I am a very well-rounded fighter, and showed that.

Legacy: You were very candid about Cejudo after he pulled out of your fight. If you go back to the UFC, do you feel like the two of you have unfinished business?

Page: Man, he’s not even worth my time; and he’s not worth the UFC’s time. I don’t even know why he is in the UFC. After he missed weight last time, they are making him move up to 1356; so we won’t end up fighting anyways. I am not worried about him anymore.

Legacy: You are fighting in front of a hometown crowd at the Hard Rock in Albuquerque. Will that factor into the fight?

Page: Absolutely. I am excited about it; but it could be good or bad. I have to be careful not to get overexcited during the fight, because of the crowd noise. I have a game plan to stick to, but I plan on putting on a great show for the crowd and come away with the win. I’ve trained for 5 rounds, and I am going to come out and do the best I can; and I expect to come away with a win.

Legacy: Are there any sponsors or others you wish to thank?

Page: I just want to thank everyone that has been behind me from the beginning and who have helped me throughout my career. I want to thank Effing Bar & Grill and Integrity Auto, and again just everyone who has helped me.

Legacy: Anything else you want to say before we wrap up?

Page: I think that’s it. Everyone plan on seeing a great fight.

Legacy: Thank you again for a great interview Damacio, and good luck this weekend.