February 17, 2018
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Levi Mowles (4-2) is maintaining a steady pace of competition. We last saw him at Legacy fighting Championship 61 where he lost a decision to UFC and Legacy veteran Damon Jackson (10-1-1), taking the former 145 lb title holder to the decision. It was a fight that saw Mowles step up a weight class and showed that this twenty-one year old has great potential in the sport. At Legacy fighting Championship 63, he steps into the Legacy cage against Jimmy Flick (8-2), another tough, experienced fighter.

Mowles was actually scheduled for this fight before he took the one against Jackson, and stepped up a weight class to compete at 145 lb.

“The weight difference wasn’t too bad. I felt good, I felt strong. He was a bit harder to move around but it was ok.”

Mowles, however wasn’t happy with how the fight went.

“I underperformed, I didn’t feel in charge. The takedowns lost me the fight. While I was on my back, he wasn’t doing anything. I was waiting on the ref to stand it up. There was no urgency, so I didn’t try and advance position or go for submissions. In the second round, when he was more aggressive it gave me opportunities to move. When he wasn’t aggressive, I was content to stay there.”

Unlike some, Mowles is a fighter who works hard between fights and is always in reasonable shape.

“Taking the fight on two weeks’ notice meant my cardio did play a role in the loss. I still felt strong, but I wasn’t at peak performance. My fight shape versus regular shape is a different animal. I can push a different pace.

“If I was in better shape, I’d have taken it. I won ninety percent on my feet and he wouldn’t have been able to take me down as much. When he would have taken me down, he wouldn’t have been able to keep me there.”

For this next fight, Mowles opponent, Jimmy Flick, is an opponent he is confident he can defeat despite Flick’s longer professional MMA career.

“I think he’s a scrappy wrestler, but don’t think he has much for me. He is in my weight class, not like Damon. He’s my size. I don’t think he can take me down and hold me there. I’ll do what I like to Jimmy.”

In Jimmy Flick’s interview with legacy, he stated that he plans to fight the whole of Mowles’ team F3, and identified them as the best team in Texas.

“If he’s looking past me, he is making a big mistake. Johnny Bedford beat him in grappling. He’s a better wrestler than me, but I’ll destroy Jimmy on the ground. He’s in for a rude awakening.”

Levi Mowles other loss was to Tony Kelley (5-1) in a bout on the Legacy Kickboxing 2 undercard.

“That was my other loss. It was in a ring not a cage, which played a part; but that fight was also up a weight class. I took the fight on short notice and I feel I just shouldn’t fight up.”

A number of fighters on the MMA scene have a fight anyone anytime attitude, taking fights up weight classes and at short notice when they haven’t been training. There are a lot of really good fighters who ruin their records from this practice, but Mowles doesn’t intend to be one of them.

“I at 4-2. I don’t want to be a 50-50 fighter. There are guys doing that, fighting up classes at a higher level but they are later in their careers. Guys like Donald Cerrone, they are older and the weight cut is harder. Right now I need to build my record, and just be smarter in how I build my career. I need to show I’m of that caliber of mentioning.

“After this fight I will relax a bit. I’ll miss Thanksgiving but will enjoy Christmas and the New Year and then back to training hard in January. I’ll relax in my training until then, and hopefully about March or April I’ll have another fight lined up

I’d like to thank my sponsors, friends, and training partners; everyone in the gym and everyone who helps me get ready, Johnny, my brother, Evan, Brandon and everyone else.”